John Ayer

Holistic Practical Spiritual Counseling

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Meditation is friendly awareness of the suchness of now. Meditation is intimate communion with all that comes and goes and that which doesn’t.

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When the idea of “me” is not using thought to revive itself in conflict with what is, we realize the spacious vitality and abiding peace of…here and the now.
John Ayer
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Inquiry values and affirms everyday reality as it is. Looking if something ultimately exists, inquiry recalls its uninterrupted nature.

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Everything changes; becomes otherwise.
You are not helpless and you are not in control.

For most of us, this human life ebbs and flows between periods of great wisdom, deep compassion, direct knowledge of freedom and times of anxiety, fear, confusion, neurosis and struggle.

This website is dedicated to the realization and practice of clear-seeing kindness. My heartfelt intention is to support and empower people to integrate the calming, transformational power of meditation and inquiry to realize a more peaceful, abundant, happy everyday life. I provide a safe, life affirming space in which to sit and talk together, welcome and work with reality simply as it is.

Private sessions (around 75 minutes) are offered on a sliding scale from $100 to $195. Place yourself on the scale where it feels right, let me know, and that’s it; no questions asked. When meeting in person isn’t possible, sessions are offered via FaceTime®, Skype®, ZOOM® or phone to allow us to do meaningful work together from different locations. Payment is due after the session is complete.

Scholarship, private sessions are often available for $50. No one is turned away based on ability to pay.

For questions and/or to schedule a session, please contact me via this website. In preparation for our appointment, I will provide a form to print, fill-in and return via email or USPS. I’ll ask for your contact information to connect the day of the session.

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~ Thank you for your presence and inquiry ~