John Ayer

Holistic Practical Spiritual Counseling

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In stillness, the imagined “me” unbundles and unburdens itself of thoughts, emotions, beliefs and stories that hurt and limit. A wiser, kinder and happier person emerges.

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John G. Ayer

Gratitude for what is, right here, right now, is true abundance.
John Ayer
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Everyday life offers the perfect classroom in which to realize our sacred nature and unique, human purpose. Who we truly are is much more than what we appear to gain, lose or want.
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I know intimately how it feels when life falls apart. I’ve been there. I also know and from experience, can assure you, that no matter how bad it looks and feels, there is a way through the darkness.

Halfway into my fortieth year, due to a company downsizing, I suddenly found myself unemployed. To my great surprise, shock and dismay, I spiraled into a harrowing dark night of the soul. Identity as a successful, confident executive and happy person gave way to a confused, hopeless, fear-stricken forty year old, living with Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorders. Through grace and hard work, I no longer suffer with either.

Education includes a BBA degree, Marketing, three years painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, and masters degrees in Consciousness Studies and Counseling Psychology. Work experience of note - farm laborer, business executive, parental caregiver, Zen Center resident and licensed psychotherapist.